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Karaté survivor Bootcamps

On Lerins' Islands

After 20 minutes of crossing by boat, you will take your quarters at the royal fort of Sainte Marguerite Island, facing the bay of Cannes, where you will sleep, have meals and where part of the training will take place during 5 days.
Thanks to the teacher’s dynamics and experience, 6 hours of training per day are planned with specific karate training (fighting, katas and self defense indoors: in the powder magazine room and in the middle of nature), but also outdoor physical exercises (cardio-training, muscle strengthening, flexibility, abs/buttocks, thighs, sheathing, etc…), with the following objectives:

to go beyond limits and increase your performance.

“With a little imagination, it is easy to set up specific karate work exercises (flexibility, endurance, balance, etc…) in “partnership” with nature. Each element (stairs, logs, rocks, pebbles, trees aligned for slaloms, etc…) then becomes a playground and an original work support for training.”

Group cohesion and community life enrich the socialization of students; shared tasks and transmission during training, etc….

For the youngest, these seminars are an opportunity to boost their autonomy, and acquire  physical and technical base in Karate. For the older ones, the pace is intensified and the progression (on the physical, technical and mental levels) very fast. The island’s natural setting allows you to recharge your batteries while developing your physical capacities and practicing Karate.

Example of a typical day:
– 8:00 am: Breakfast
– 9:00 am: Jogging
– 9:30 am: Training
– 11:30 am: Shower
– 12h30 : Lunch
– 14h30 : Training
– 17h00 : Free time and shower
– 7:30 pm: Dinner
– 21h00 : Training for teens / adults (optional)

Next Bootcamp

From Friday 17th to Tuesday 21 of April 2020