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Cardio Boxing and Fit & Fight Workout, created in 2010 within AS CANNES KARATE, are courses accessible to everyone, at all levels. As a background of physical preparation for athletes, as a complementary activity or as a stress relief, K-fit classes will suit you and adapt to your needs.

Alone, with friends or family, 1 hour of friendly training with fast and lasting results. The modern and educational training method avoids any injury, and allows you to achieve your goals.

Cardio training, muscle strengthening, target fighting techniques, basic self defense, stretching.
Inspired by Body Karate, mixing fitness (core workout, abs, squats, etc…) and kicks and punches routines from karate and boxing, the session is divided into 4 parts:
– Cardio
– Body weight training
– Target striking techniques
– Stretching


Sabrina Ristagno

Karate instructor certified, 5th degree black belt

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Course: Tue-Thu
Level: All
Price: 270/320€
Subscription + Membership card: 50€
Niveau: Professional
Cotisation: Monday - Friday